#SEL-127 Selenite Charging Plate
#SEL-127 Selenite Charging Plate

#SEL-127 Selenite Charging Plate

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#SEL-127 Selenite charging plate, about 6x4 inches, and 0.8 inch thick. See both images. Stones in image not included. 

also known as "satin spar"

Chemical Composition:   Ca SO4 . 2H20, Hydrous Calcium Sulfate (gypsum)
Hardness: 1 1/2 - 2
Metaphysical Properties:  Mental clarity, insight, awareness.  In meditation, can be used as a tool to aid in accessing past and future lives, by gently rubbing the stone.  
Corresponding Astrological Signs:  Taurus
Corresponding Chakra:  Crown Chakra