About Us

About our company....

Bestcrystals.com stocks hundreds of items...from Agate to Zircon...in all price ranges...for kids to serious collectors alike, we have the finest the earth has to offer.

We are celebrating 30 years of business in 2024! 

Pisces Trading Company, LLC was established in 1994, and has served the world on the internet since 1998.  We have filled thousands of orders, and have served customers in all 50 states, and 35 nations.  We are based in Portland, Oregon, USA.

This company began 30 years ago from humble beginnings, living and traveling in a van, mining quartz, geodes, and other minerals and selling and sharing them.

When we made Portland, Oregon our home, the business blossomed locally, then globally, when we made the decision to be internet-based in 1998. We were one of the first hand-full of websites dedicated to crystals and minerals on the internet.

Pisces Trading is the parent company of:
Bestcrystals.com - online retail
Bestcrystals.net - online wholesale
The Portland Crystal Company - our warehouse showroom in Portland, Oregon

All of us appreciate your engagement and interest in a field that we hold dear.