Information About Crystals

Information about crystals


An introduction from the president of about the power and beauty of the mineral kingdom.

Cleaning and Charging Crystals
Cleaning and Charging 
Information about various methods of cleaning, clearing, and charging the crystals in your collection.

A list of both traditional and contemporary birthstones according to month. Use this feature to find out which stones to select for gifts.

Stones of the Zodiac
Stones of  the Zodiac
Table of zodiac sun signs and their corresponding stones. Find out which stones correspond to your sign.

Metaphysical Properties
Metaphysical  Properties
Table of the metaphysical, spiritual aspects of stones and crystals.

Healing Properties
Healing  Properties
Table of physical and emotional healing properties of stones and crystals.

Chakra Guide
Chakra Guide
Information about the chakra system of the body. Find out which stones correspond to each chakra. See our chakra tools, books, and jewelry.

Information of geologic/mineralogic interest. Rock classification, the moh's scale of hardness, geologic time line.