OP-448 Ethiopian Opal

OP-448 Ethiopian Opal

#OP-448 Ethiopian Water Opal. Natural rough specimen, right from the ground. Approximately 1 inch long, 5.18 grams. This is a one-of-a-kind item - you will receive the actual item in photo. Once sold, it is gone.

Ethiopian Water Opals (Also known as Welo Opals or Hydrophane Opals)

These opals are of volcanic origin, as opposed to sedimentary. They can have as much as 21% water content. These opals are shipped in water. See below for instructions on how to dry them. It is recommended that they be dried prior to any lapidary work (cutting or cabbing)

Drying instructions: It is important to dry these opals as slowly as possible to prevent cracking and splitting.

  1. Remove from solution and place in an empty zip-lock bag.

  2. Leave in a cool dry place. The stone may turn milky or opaque.

  3. Frequently remove from the bag and place in a new, dry bag and close.

  4. The result will be milkier, but it will retain its flash.

 * Due to the nature of Ethiopian Opals, all sales are final on Ethioian Opal rough material.