#FSH-76C Palo Santo Sacred Wood 1/2 pound

#FSH-76C Palo Santo Sacred Wood 1/2 pound

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#FSH-76C Palo Santo Sacred Wood, bulk 1/2 pound package.

Palo Santo
(Burdera Graveolens)
Sacred Wood from Peru
Pack of 10 sticks for $14.95
For calming, grounding, spiritual purifying, energy cleansing.
Healing and inspires creativity.
Palo Santo is highly regarded by the indigenous people of Peru for its healing properties.

Use for smudging as you would sage.
Light end of stick and allow it to burn for about 30 seconds. Then blow out the flame, place in heat-safe bowl, on a plate, or in a natural open seashell such as abalone. Allow the stick to smoke and scent the air in your space. You can move it to different rooms, allowing it to smoke each time. Re-light and do process again whenever you want to smudge your space. One stick should last last for several lightings.

Never leave unattended. Never place near flammable objects.
Not a toy.