Chemical Composition: Zinc Oxide, may contain manganese and some iron (Zn, MN)O
Hardness: 4

Occurrence: Zincite is a very rare mineral, and has been found in New Jersey, but only as very small, grain-sized crystals.
Our Zincite comes from Poland, the only source in the world for Zincite crystals of this size. They formed by an unexpected "accident" where the conditions became just right within large smoke stacks at a Zinc smelting facility in Poland, forming these fantastic crystals which grow attached to the insides of the smoke stacks. It is the result of an incidental breakage of the zinc smelter walls. Significant changes of temperature and air pressure inside the furnace created conditions supporting spontaneous growth of these crystals in air vents and chimney channels. This has become extremely rare and hard to come by!

Metaphysical Properties: personal power, physical energy, and creativity. Stimulates electric currents within the body. Helps remove energy blockages. Promotes cooperation. Increases mental clarity and perception. A highly "charged" crystal.

Corresponding Astrological Signs: Libra and Taurus
Corresponding Chakra is dependent on the color of the crystal.