Vivianite is a hydrated iron phosphate mineral found in a number of geological environments. Small amounts of manganese, magnesium, and calcium Ca2+ may substitute for iron Fe2+ in the structure. Pure vivianite is colorless, but the mineral oxidizes very easily, changing the color, and it is usually found as deep blue to deep bluish green prismatic to flattened crystals. Vivianite crystals are often found inside fossil shells, such as those of bivalves and gastropods, or attached to fossil bone.

Metaphysical Properties:
Crystal of healing and vitality. Compassion, hope, and emotional strength. Helps overcome pain and trauma. Helps heal both emotional and physical wounds. Assists in understanding emotions. Helps remove negative energies from one's thoughts and energetic field. Brings healing and growth to the heart chakra.
Corresponding Chakra: Heart
Corresponding Astrological Signs: Scorpio and Capricorn