(The blue form of Pectolite. Larimar refers to the stone discovered in the Dominican Republic, in an ocean blue color, which sometimes exhibits chatoyancy. Also referred to as the "Caribbean Gemstone.")
Larimar is a blue pectolite, and a result of volcanic activity, which occurred many million years ago on the island of la "La Hispanola" in the Dominican Republic. Its crystallization took place when the volcanic lava was cooling off as columns in the tubular "chimneys", in which these pectolites, andesites, basalts and other minerals formed. Larimar is only found in this one small area of the Dominican Republic, and no where else in the world.

Metaphysical Properties: Stone of peace, clarity, truth, and love.
Corresponding Chakras: Throat, Heart, Third Eye, and Crown
Corresponding Astrological Sign: Leo