AMB-466C Small Chiapas Amber 2.4-2.48g
AMB-466C Small Chiapas Amber 2.4-2.48g

AMB-466C Small Chiapas Amber 2.4-2.48g

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#AMB-466C Small Polished Chiapas Amber, 2.4-2.48 grams in weight. Each one unique. Sold by the each.

* see additional image for example of Chiapas Amber exhibiting fluorescence


from Mexico

This Amber is found in Chiapas, the southernmost state in Mexico bordering Guatemala. Its mountainous highlands and dense rainforest are dotted with Mayan archaeological sites. This Amber dates to 25-27 million years old, with a hardness of 2.25. The amber was produced by two extinct leguminous trees, Hymenaea mexicana and Hymenaea allendis.
Chiapas is one of only three highly fluorescent amber types in the world because of its high concentration of a hydrocarbon called Perylene. Chiapas amber is also the most phosphorescent of all types of amber in the world, meaning it will not just fluoresce under a UV light, but will glow for some time afterward as well. Chiapas Amber is one of the hardest amber types in the world. Chiapas amber is also known to be warm to the touch and extremely electrostatically conductive.
Metaphysical Properties:
Dissolves negative energy, balances emotions, attracts good luck, eliminates fears, enhances sexual energy. Clears the mind, helps relieve headaches. Protects against harmful EMFs. Helps to develop patience and wisdom.