An introduction from the president of about the power and beauty of the mineral kingdom

We all share one mother, 
And her name is Earth. 
She is the Art of God.

With beauty and bounty 
She supports our needs, 
Inspires our minds, 
And opens our hearts. 
We are the children and the keepers of God's great Masterpiece.

These are the dawning hours of a new millennium for humankind.
May we turn to Mother Earth and God with love.


The Earth is beautiful everywhere you look – the sky, mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers, plant life, animal life, human life. So it is when the Earth opens her heart…look what pours out – the incredible, awesome beauty of minerals. They manifest a precision, perfection, and creative beauty that we have admired for thousands of years. 

Crystals and minerals start as an event. They happen.  They are not static. All the necessary conditions (temperature, pressure, and chemical elements) combine in a particular way at a particular time to facilitate their birth and growth.   The rocks that make up the earth’s crust, that we walk on, that comprise our mountain ranges and canyons – have all undergone and continue to experience great change.  Rocks are what was once liquid – molten lava – that have cooled and become solid.  Rocks are the result of the massive accumulation of particles and plant and animal life that are compacted down, layer by layer. Rocks can not only bend, compress, and erode over time and from the elements, but can even metamorphose into different rocks, by extreme pressure, temperature, and chemical activity.  Rocks have life. Rocks have a story to tell. They hold the records of the most ancient histories of our earth. 

And crystals in particular do indeed have “energy.” Why do you think it is quartz crystal that is used in watches and radios? A quartz crystal is an oscillator – it receives, transmits, and stores energyPerfect energy.  Quartz is used in a watch because it oscillates at an absolutely perfect rate.  And this energy ispure energy. The energy emanating from a quartz crystal when held in your hand is not like the energy in the light bulbs in your house or from the nuclear power plant. The energy of the crystal is direct from nature and pure as nature intended it. 

I believe that is why we have a need to connect with crystals. Crystals hold the true vibration of our planet. We have strayed away from our ability to experience that vibration for ourselves – we have forgotten.  In our quest to conquer and create a man-made environment, we have built a barrier that prevents us from experiencing what is actual reality. That barrier has been built over the last few thousand years of human existence, and is now part of us.  The original vibration is still there – within us – but we need to connect with another source in order to remember.  I think that is the role that crystals are playing in many lives today. Crystals are a source of the true vibration that is

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