Geologic Time Line

CAMBRIAN 600-500 million years ago Algae, and invertebrae similar to jellyfish and worms.  The firstshelled animals begin to appear in the Cambrian period. Arthopods, Brachiopods,Trilobytes
ORDOVICIAN 500-440 million years ago Graptolites, Orthoceras, and primitive fish - the first verterbrates begin to appear.
SILURIAN 440-395 million years ago The first true plants appear. Crinoids are abundant, and eurypterids- believed to be the first air-breathing animal appears.
DEVONIAN 395-345 million years ago Fish evolve into more complex animals, sharks and amphibians multiply. 
CARBONIFEROUS 345-280 million years ago Ferns are plentiful and the first reptiles evolve from the amphibians.Spiders, cockroaches, scorpions appear. First animals to live on dry land.
PERMIAN 280-225 million years ago Reptiles become abundant. Trees similar to the pine develop, trilobytes become extinct.
TRIASSIC 225-190 million years ago The beginning of the dinosaurs. Plant eaters, meat eaters, flying reptiles,and crocodiles.
JURASSIC 190-136 million years ago The giant dinosaurs developed, as well as abundant plant life and shellfish.Ammonites, lobster, shrimp.
CRETACEOUS 136-65 million years ago Peak of development, as well as the downfall, of the great dinosaurs.Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, the giant Pterodactyl.  Desiduoustrees.
TERTIARY 65-2 million years ago Mammals develop such as camels, bears, cats, monkeys, rodents, dogs.Grasses, fruit develop like what we have today.
QUATERNARY 2 million years ago to present More mammals develop, including the now extinct Saber-Toothed Tiger and the Mastadon. Modern man appears.