Thulite from Norway

Thulite is a pink variety of Zoisite. The presence of manganese creates the pink color. Also referred to as “rosaline,” rosaline zoisite, manganoan zoisite or Norwegian Thulite  Thulite was discovered in Telemark, Norway in 1820 by H.J. Brooke.

Metaphysical Properties: helps one to recognize their divine nature. Helps one to examine their own duality, and to embark on a curative and corrective process. Reduces aimlessness, vanity, and conceit. Helps one go through the process of ultimately finding direction in life. A stone to use in your self-healing journey, relinquishing old energies that no longer serve you, and providing a clearer path for positive direction in your life.

Corresponding Chakra: Heart
Corresponding Astrological Signs: Taurus and Gemini