Kunzite refers to pink-to-lilac color Spodumene.
Hiddenite is the name for green Spodumene.
Since the stone is most commonly referred to as "kunzite," we will refer to it as kunzite.
Kunzite was discovered in 1902, and was named after George Frederick Kunz, Tiffany & Co's chief jeweler at the time, and a noted mineralogist. It has been found in Brazil, USA, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Western Australia, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Our specimens are from Afghanistan and Mexico.

Chemical Composition: Kunzite is lithium aluminum silicate of the pyroxene group

Hardness: 6 1/2 - 7

Occurence: Kunzite is found in granite pegmatites. A splintery, lathlike, transparent crystal, vertically striated.

Metaphysical Properties: Powerful love energy. Peace and purification. Protects aura and dissipates negativity. Excellent for meditation.

Corresponding Astrological Signs: Scorpio, Taurus, Leo

Pink - 4th Chakra, Heart
White - 7th, Crown chakra
Yellow - 3rd Chakra, Solar Plexus
Blue - 5th Chakra, Throat
Green(Hiddenite) - 4th Chakra, Heart